Village Montessori School

The Preschool classes provide a rich environment intended to cultivate intellectual, social, and emotional growth. This Montessori Program is designed to encourage discovery and curiosity through attractive materials, a prepared environment, and teacher presented lessons.

The program provides:

  • Letter recognition and sounds
  • Moveable alphabet word building
  • Number recognition and quantity relationship
  • Matching, sorting, classification, patterning
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Introduction to geometry and algebra through the sensorial materials
  • Small muscle activities to prepare for writing
  • Writing activities using number and letters
  • Practical life activities to build sense of order, coordination, concentration and independence
  • Grace and courtesy lessons to build social skills
  • Art and music to enhance personal creativity
  • Nature and science materials to foster curiosity and exploration
  • Themed units to inspire interest in specific areas