Pre-K Program

The VMS Pre-K Program is designed to encourage the natural learning process of curious and energetic children. Foundations in language and math are prominent in this curriculum to promote academic success in the Pre-K child. Character development is also key at this age to build confidence, awareness, compassion, independence, concentration, and self-control. This carefully prepared environment with teacher-directed lessons, and interesting materials provide the necessary skills needed to transition into Kindergarten.

Some key objectives are:

  • Listening and memory skills
  • Practical life activities to develop eye-hand coordination and concentration; to inspire confidence and independence
  • Phonological and Phonemic awareness (rhyming, beginning sounds, syllables, etc)
  • Phonics and word decoding
  • Vocabulary and Comprehension
  • Word building
  • Handwriting
  • Early reading
  • Classifying, sorting, patterns, size comparison
  • Number sense and quantitative concepts
  • Introduction to geometry and algebra through Montessori sensorial materials
  • Specific science and geography units to foster curiosity and exploration
  • Selected artists and musicians and their works to inspire personal creativity
  • Grace and courtesy lessons to build social skills