Village Montessori Primer Building

Kindergarten Program

The Village Montessori School Kindergarten program offers a solid foundation in language, reading and math. This Montessori curriculum provides a balance of teacher-directed/child-oriented activities using attractive, multi-sensory materials. With further emphasis on character development, problem solving, and critical thinking, this program provides an excellent kindergarten experience. In addition, cooperative learning centers and deskwork provide the necessary tools for your child’s transition into conventional elementary school.

Areas of concentration are:

• Listening and following directions
• Expressing thoughts and ideas; speaking confidently
• Practical life activities to perfect eye-hand coordination, to develop concentration, and to inspire confidence and independence
• Language skills necessary for the context of reading:
o Phonological and phonemic awareness
o Phonics and word decoding
o Spelling and word building
o Familiar word identification (cat, bat, mat, etc); sight words (I, you, me, etc)
o Basic grammar
o Vocabulary and comprehension
• Handwriting
• Writing to express ideas
• Number sense; quantitative concepts; number patterns
• Addition and subtraction; math symbols
• Introduction to geometry and algebra through Montessori sensorial materials; construct and deconstruct geometric plane figures and geometric solid figures
• Time, money, measurement, simple graphs
• Specific science and geography units to foster curiosity and exploration
• Selected artists and musicians and their works to inspire personal creativity
• Grace and courtesy lessons to build social skills